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I should be editing, and I am doing some, but the neighbours decided to throw an impromptu firepit party last night. So 'shhhh' someone had far too much wine, which has left my brain on stand-by....somewhere?
Did get the weekly shop done, and bought the wood for the deck steps and the trellis to go around it.
I do find it hard to concentrate when the guys are home, though. The dh while happy I am getting something published worries about me far too much some times. He knows how deeply I get involved in stories and kind of lose reality. Trouble is, if you don't 'live' it, it isn't real, at least not for me. I have to be there with my characters, totally immersed or it just doesn't work. I have to go to sleep with my subconscious still working so I can see where and what and how and who and why.
Had a great discussion with the publisher because when one cuts scenes then something else must be added and flow seamlessly, and weirdly even though this is my story, sometimes I can't see the whole thing. I have to lay out index cards so I can 'see' which bit goes where and how. I guess I am simply not a linear thinker. It is not a case of being organic, either. I see things in pictures rather than written words. Which goes back to making it reality. It happens because I have envisaged a scene in my mind, but it doesn't always fit logically or linearly with the story.
The very first novel i wrote I wrote just like that, in scenes. This was a precursor to "Games" and believe it or not Penguin UK rather liked it. Now I would die of embarrassment at the execrable writing. But. The 'but' is they saw something even back then to send that book before the 'board'.
Any writer will tell you, they don't really know where their ideas come from. They do and they don't. Something sparks off a chain of events. My Desmondis/Cavalana stories came from a single para in Pears Encyclopedia which led to a what-if and a lot of research. What-if is such a wonderful dynamic because it takes you down paths you never thought to follow. Why one's imagination does this and turns it into a story is another path in the way writers think. It is why we come up with stuff like 'muses' because oddly we don't always feel in control of our characters. We rein them in and direct them but sometimes they insist on going where no man has gone before.
It is a bit like being herd leader with horses. Follow my footsteps faithfully and I will lead you right. Actually they don't always, which is how one ends up having mad conversations with imaginary characters where you tell them that they cannot possibly *do* that. That is when you tell them politely, actually *I* am the god here since I created you. Unfortunately they don't always listen. But even when they don't, I am the one with the red pen of doom - so there. Sometimes, though, stuff needs to be written whether it ends up in the final story or not.
Ah well, back to it :)

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